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Mool-lae-bang-ah 3 (2019) 4’

First Performance- Venusto Orchestra, Young Ho Bang, conductor,

Seoul, Korea, 2019


Mool-lae-bang-ah 2 (2017) 5’

First Performance- KAMSA (Korean- American Music Supporters’ Association), Leo Eylar, conductor,

Santa Clara, CA, 2017


Mool-lae-bang-ah (2016) 5’

First Performance- Diablo Symphony Orchestra, Matilda Hofman, conductor,

Walnut Creek, CA, 2016


Pyung-Hwa (2016) 5’

First Performance- Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble,

Boston, MA, 2016

wu-ri-no-rae (2012) 6’

[string orchestra]

First Performance- Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra; Conductor, Phil Simmons, Chicago, IL, 2012


Untitled (2008)  4’ 

[,, percussion, piano, strings (]

Read by St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Conductor, Cliff Colnot, St. Paul, MN, 2008


Swish (2006)  7’ 

[1.2 (english horn).0.2,, percussion, piano, strings (]

Read by St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Conductor, Cliff Colnot, Chicago, IL, 2006


In the Beginning (2001)  10’

[,, 3 percussions, harp, piano, strings]

First Performance- Composers’ Orchestra Concert; Conductor, David Gilbert, New York, NY, 2001




Jindo (2018) 7’

[alto saxophone and piano]

First Performance- Philipp Stäudlin and Yoko Hagino

Boston, MA,  2018


Bagooni (2019) 7’

[piri&saeng-hwang, violin and cello]

First Performance- gamin, Omar Chen Guey, Rafael Popper-Keizer,

Boston, MA, 2019

Gagopa (2019) 6’

[viola duo]

First Performance- Shizuka, Hannah Nicholas and Sam Kelder,

Boston, MA, 2019


*12* (2019) 17’

[flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, violin, viola, and cello]

First Performance- Radius Ensemble

Boston, MA, 2016


Geo-Ul  (2019) 2’

[violin duo]

First Performance- Sharan Leventhal and Dillon Robb

Boston, MA, 2017


ecco! (2017) 4’

[clarinets and violin]

First Performance- Markus Placci and Michael Norsworhy

Boston, MA, 2017


Gil 2 (2016) 4’

[recorders, violin, cello, harpsichord]

First Performance- Antico Moderno

New York, NY, 2016

Three Studies for Antico Moderno (2015) 3’

[Baroque Instrument- violin I, II, III, viola, cello, double bass, harpsichord/portative organ]

First Performance- Antico Moderno

Boston, June 7, 2015


Chookha (2013) 15”

[recorder quartet]

First Performance- QNG (Quartet New Generation), The 15 Jubilee miniatures, “Unerhörte Musik” at BKA Berlin,  Germany, April 22, 2014

GoSung (2013) 30”

[flute, B-flat clarinet and double bass]

First Performance- dissonArt ensemble, Vila Kapantzi (Vasilissis Olgas 108, Thessaloniki), Greece, 2013


Ara Ri Yo (2013) 1’30

[piano and violin]

Ari Ari (2013) 2’40

[piano and violin]

Tae-Pyung-Ga (2011) 3’

[piano and violin]

First Performance- Hannah Jin, Monica Chung, Bryn Athyn, PA, 2011  


Yeol-doo-dal (2009) 10’ 

[flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone, 2 percussions, piano, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello, doublebass]

First Performance- ALEA III; Conductor, Iakovos Konitopoulos, Boston, MA, 2010


Somewhere (2008) 7’ 

[trumpet, cello, and percussion]

First Performance- NEXTET Ensemble, Chris Gross from Talea Ensemble; Conductor, Virko Baley,

Las Vegas, NV, 2009


sori (2007) 17’ 

[solo dae-gum (Korean instrument), solo soprano, solo double bass and flute, 

clarinet, 2 percussions, harp, piano, 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos]

First Performance- Tony Arnold (Soprano), Hyun-Chung Kim (Dae-gum), Collins Trier (Double bass), eighth blackbird, Pacifica Quartet, Alison Attar (Harp), and Doug Waddell (Percussion II);

Conductor, Cliff Colnot,

Chicago, IL, 2007 


Nok-du-kkot (Mung bean flower) (2005) 10’ 

[solo viola and flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello]

First Performance- eighth blackbird & Masumi Per Rostad from Pacifica Quartet; Conductor, Cliff Colnot,

Chicago,  IL, 2005


Voice of Dream I (Hana) (2004) 11’

[solo clarinet & string quartet]

First Performance- Pacifica String Quartet & Michael Maccaferri from eighth blackbird,

Chicago, IL, 2004 


String Quartet (1998) 7’

First Performance- Seoul, Korea, 1998



Soo and Hyun (work in-progress)


Soo’s aria, Hyun’s aria  (2019) 6’

First Performance- Carrie Hennessey, Paul An

Natick, MA

September, 2018


Soo’s aria (2019) 3’

First Performance- Tony Arnold

Boston, MA

January, 2019


Hear My Prayer  (2013) 3’


First Performance- Fourth Presbyterian Church,

Chicago, IL,

May, 2013


Ching-ching (2012) 3’


First Performance- Cardinall’s Musick

Kirkwall, Scotland, June, 2012

Bald Eagle Mountain (2013) 8’

[solo soprano and flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello]

First Performance- James Baker, conductor; Tony Arnold, soprano; Barry Crawford, flute, Jean Kopperud, clarinet;

Matthew Gold & Pablo Rieppi, percussion; Miranda Cuckson, violin; Joshua Gordon, cello,

69th Composers Conference, Wellesley, MA, 2013 


Chiaroscuro (2009) 8’

[voice (mezzo/soprano), violin, and percussion]

First Performance- Matt Albert, Amanda DeBoer and Yu-Chun Kuo, Blonay, Switzerland, 2009


a quiet way (2006) 9’

[solo soprano and flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello]

First Performance- New York New Music Ensemble and Tony Arnold; James Baker, Conductor, June in Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 2006 


Two Songs for Children (2001) 12’

[soprano, baritone, a girl & a boy children singers, 2 percussions, piano, violin, double bass]

First Performance- Manhattan School of Music Students; Conductor, Chris Dietz, New York, NY, 2002


The first story of the man (2001) 12’

[a scene for opera: soprano, tenor, & piano]

First Performance- excerpt, New York, NY 2001


Missa Brevis (2001) 6’


First Performance- excerpt, New York, NY 2001


Two Settings of the Poem: Schliesse mir die Augen Beide (2001) 6’

[tenor& piano/soprano & piano]

First Performance- Sung-ji Kim, Sop; Eun Young Lee, Piano, New York, NY, 2001 





I (ai) (2010) 4’

[Percussion solo, flute, viola & harp]

First Performance- Yu-Chun Kuo and Les Joyeux, Cincinnati, OH, 2010 


Hoe-sang (Reminiscence) (2005, 2010) 8’

[Percussion Trio] 

First Performance (2005 version)- Percu benu Ensemble, Seoul, Korea, 2007

First Performance (2010 version)- Timetable, New York, NY, 2010






Nam-Ok Lee (2021), 4’20"

[solo piano]

First Performance- Jihye Chang

Virtual Premiere (2021)

Live Premiere (2022)

Medford, MA

Sariyo (2020) 2’

[solo violin]

EunHaeng II (2019) 2’30”

[solo alto saxophone]

First Performance- Philipp Stäudlin

Boston, MA

Yun  (2019) 6’

[solo bassoon]

First Performance- Adrian Morejon

New York, March, 2019


Hana IV (2015) 4’

[solo double bass]

First Performance- Evan Runyon

East Haddam, CT, August, 2015

Wann? (2014) 6’

[solo bass flute]

First Performance- Shanna Gutierrez, Omaha, NE, July, 2015


EunHaeng (2013) 1’30”

[solo B-flat clarinet]

First Performance- Javier Perez Garrido

Murcia, Spain, February, 2014


Rang Rang (2013), 2’

[solo piano]

First Performance- Allison Lie

Chicago, IL , January, 2015


Ari Ari (2013), 2’

[violin and piano]

First Performance- Christian D Kim

Chicago, IL, January, 2014


Ara Ri Yo (2013), 2’

[violin and piano]

First Performance- Claire Arias-Kim

Chicago, IL, January, 2014


Mool (2012) 7’

[solo piano]

First Performance- Steve Beck, June in Buffalo, NY, 2012


Ta-Ryung I (2011) 1’

[solo violin]

First Performance- Conway Kuo, New York, NY, 2011


Tae-Pyung-Ga (2010) 4’

[solo piano]

First Performance- Christopher Park, West Lafayette, IN, 2010 


Murmurations (2005) 6’

[solo piano]

First Performance- Lisa Kaplan, Chicago, IL, 2005


Wandering (2003) 7’

[solo alto flute] 

First Performance- Markéta Stivinová, Praha, Czech, 2005


Composition for Solo Piano I (1997)  4’

First Performance- Eun Young Lee, Seoul, Korea, 1997


Composition for Solo Piano II (1999)  3’

First Performance- Eun Young Lee, New York, NY, 1999



Computer Music, Music for film and Multimedia

Look! Sounds  (work and copyright in progress)

[computer application],

Baby Guido (work and patent in progress)

[computer/music game application]


[photography Installation]

 Kirkland Arts Center, Seattle,

January 17 –March 15, 2014

in the beginning- in S (2007) 1’

[computer generated sound]

First Performance- Nox Vonus, Romeoville, IL, 2007 


Roamless (2006) 

[film music for documentary film]

First Screening- Chicago, IL, 2006 


Voice of Dream II (2005) 4’  

[video and electronic music]

First Performance- Chicago, IL, 2005 


Untitled (2005) 3’

[video and electronic music]

First Performance- Chicago, IL, 2005 


Theme and 5 variations (2004) 6’

[computer generated sound]

First Performance- Chicago, IL, 2004 


 Eun Young Lee Music Publishing (ASCAP)


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