04.29.2021      solo viola and electronics [viola and electronics]

                         Kurt Rohde, viola

                         UCD Pitzer Recital Hall

                         Davis, CA

04.25.2021      solo viola and electronics [viola and electronics]

                         Kurt Rohde, viola

                         Sacramento State University

                         Sacramento, CA

04.24.2021      solo viola and electronics [viola and electronics]

                         Kurt Rohde, viola

                         Sacramento Saturday Club House Concert

                         Sacramento, CA

04.23.2021      solo viola and electronics [viola and electronics]

                         Kurt Rohde, viola

                         Center for New Music

                         San Francisco, CA

04.22.2021      solo viola and electronics [viola and electronics]

                         Kurt Rohde, viola

                         Doug CARe Gallery

                         Berkeley, CA

03.07.2021     New Music for Korean and Western Instruments

                         Soh-Hyun Park Altino, violin

                         Junho Jeong, Janggu 



11.2020            Rang, Rang; Tae-Pyung-Ga  [solo piano] 

                           From East to WestCD release by Sojung Lee Hong

                         Sejong Cultural Society

10.29.2020     Yun [solo bassoon] 

                           2020 version

                         Adrian Morejon, bassoon

                         Radius@HOME #3


                         starts at 18'30"


10.04.2020     Mool  [solo piano] 

                          Modern Notebook

                          Classical WDMR, Tyler Kline

                          from CD E pluribus unum by Liza Stepanova

09.28.2020     Eun-Haeng [solo alto saxophone]

                         Philipp A. Staudlin, alto saxophone

                         Jordan Hall

                         Boston, MA


09.25.2020     Bagooni [chamber music]

                          NONG, CD release by gamin

                         gamin, piri& saeng-hwang; Omar Chen Guey, violin; Rafael Popper-

                         Keizer, cello

                         INNOVA recording

09.18.2020     For Mina [Piano duo]

                         Jessica and Michael Shin, piano

                         Chamber Series by Boston Conservatory at Berkllee

                         Virtual Concert- starts at 47'40


08.28.2020     Mool  [solo piano] 

                          E pluribus unum, CD release by Liza Stepanova

                         PARMA recording

TBD                  Psalms 29 [baritone, and piano]

                         Boston, MA


02.20.2020     Mool [solo piano]     

                           Jihye Chang, piano

                         Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

                         Seully Hall

                         Boston, MA

02.15.2020     Eun-Haeng [solo alto saxophone]

                         Philipp A. Staudlin, alto saxophone

                         Make Shift Boston

                         Boston, MA



11.05.2019      Wann? [solo bass flute]

                         Caroline Shaffer, bass flute

                         contraBAND: A Woman Ses How the World Goes with No Eyes

                         Boston, MA

09.26.2019     Eun-Haeng [solo alto saxophone]

                         Philipp A. Staudlin, alto saxophone

                         Distler Performance Hall

                         Boston, MA


07.30.2019      Ha-Yeo-Ga and Dan-Sim-Ga[soprano, baritone, and piano]

                         Yunji Shim, soprano; Ghibong Kim, baritone; Suwan Choi, Korean   

                         drum; Jennifer Woodrum, clarinet; Anthony Devroye, viola; Herine 

                         Coetzee Koschal, cello

                         Sijo Poetry and Music at Rush Hour Concerts

                         St. James Cathedral

                         Chicago, IL

06.28.2019     Jindo [alto saxophone and piano]

                         ensemble mise-en, New Music Festival

                         Geoff Landman, alto saxophone; Dorothy Chan, piano

                         Scandinavia House

                         New York, NY

04.14.2019     Bagooni [chamber music]

                         New Music for Korean and Western Instruments

                         gamin, piri& saeng-hwang; Omar Chen Guey, violin; Rafael Popper-

                         Keizer, cello

                         Seully Hall

                         Boston, MA                     


04.05.2019     Yun [solo bassoon]

                         Adrian Morejon, bassoon

                         Radius Ensemble's twentieth

                         Bully Boy Distillers

                         Boston, MA

03.30.2019     Wandering [solo alto flute]

                         Sarah Brady, alto flute

                         The Music Mansion

                         88 Meeting Street 

                         Providence, RI 

03.28.2019     Gagopa [viola duo]

                         Shizuka: Hannah Nichola and Sam Kelder

                         Berk Hall

                         Boston, MA


03.13.2019      Yun [solo bassoon]

                         Adrian Morejon, bassoon

                         Talea at the Stone

                         New York, NY

01.27.2019      Faculty Concerts "Music by Eun Young Lee"

                         Seully Hall

                         Boston, MA




09.30.2018     Excerpts from Soo and Hyun [chamber opera]

                         Carrie Hennessey, soprano; Paul An, bass; William Cooper, piano

                         St. James Church

                         New London, CT


09.29. 2018    Excerpts from Soo and Hyun [chamber opera]

                         Carrie Hennessey, soprano; Paul An, bass; William Cooper, piano

                         St. Peter Church

                         New York, NY


09.28. 2018    Excerpts from Soo and Hyun [chamber opera]

                         Carrie Hennessey, soprano; Paul An, bass; William Cooper, piano

                         Walnut Hill School of Music

                         Natick, MA


09.14. 2018    Wann? [solo bass flute]

                         Sarah Brady

                         Boston, MA


08.28-09.01, 2018  Yun [solo bassoon] 

                         Adrian Morejon, bassoon

                         IDRS 2018

                         Granada, Spain



06.07.-07.07.2018 Residency at the Isang Yun Haus

                         Berlin, Germany


04.22.2018     Jindo [saxophone and piano]

                         Philipp Staeudlin, saxophone; Yoko Hagino, piano                          

                         Boston, MA


01.19.2018      *12*

                         Bold City Contemporary Ensemble

                         Jacksonville, FL



12.01.2017      Mool [solo piano]

                         Liza Stepanova, piano

                         Athens, GA


11.03.2017      Mool [solo piano]

                         Liza Stepanova, piano

                         San Francisco, CA


08.26.2017     Mool-lae-bang-ah 2 [orchestra]

                         KAMSA (Korean-American Music Supporters’ Association)

                         Leo Eylar, Conductor

                         Santa Clara, CA    


08.2017           Ucross Residency

                         Clearmont, WY


04.04. 2017    Gil 2  

                         Antico Moderno 

                         Distler Hall at Tufts University

                         Medford, MA


03.31.2017      Wann? [solo bass flute]

                         SCI National Conference

                         Kalamazoo, MI


03.29.2017     Geo-Ul [two violins]

                         Sharan Leventhal and Dillon Robb, violin

                         Boston, MA   


02.24.2017     ecco! [violin and clarinet]

                         Markus Placci, violin 

                         Michael Norsworhy, clarinet

                         Chamber Series at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

                         Boston, MA    


02.24.2017     Aquarius-*12* [piano]   

                         Sarah Bob, piano

                         New Gallery Series residency in St. Cloud, MN



11.29.2016      Ta-Ryung I, Ari Ari

                         Yoko Hagino, piano, Dillon Robb, violin

                         Tufts Composers Series

                         Medford, MA


11.20.2016      Scorpio-*12*

                         Sarah Brady, flute [solo flute] 

                         Hacking Arts 2016, MIT 

                         Cambridge, MA


11.10.2016      Hana IV (revised 2016) [solo doublebass]

                         Evan Runyon, ensemble mise-en

                         Stockholm, Sweden


11.07.2016      Scorpio-*12*

                         Sarah Brady, flute [solo flute] 

                         Tufts Composers Series

                         Medford, MA


10.31.2016      Hana IV (revised 2016) [solo doublebass]

                         Evan Runyon, ensemble mise-en

                         Medford, MA


10.27.2016      Wann? [solo bass flute]

                         Mike Avitabile, Bass flute

                         Everett, MA


05.14.2016     Chiaroscuro

                         Mia Nardi-Huffman, violin; Vanessa Langer, soprano, McKenzie Camp, 


                         San Francisco, CA


05.11.2016      Gil 2  

                         Antico Moderno (premiere)

                         New York, NY


04.10.2016     Mool-lae-bang-ah

                         Diablo Symphony

                         Matilda Hofman- conductor

                         Walnut Creek, CA


04.08.2016    Mool-lae-bang-ah

                         Diablo Symphony (premiere)

                         Matilda Hofman- conductor

                         Walnut Creek, CA


03.18.2016     Chiaroscuro [voice, violin, percussion]

                         Wild Rumpus

                         San Francisco, CA


03.10- 03.13.2016   Schliesse mir die Augen beide

                         Women Composers Festival of Hartford

                         Hartford, CT


03.05.2016     *12*

                         Radius Ensemble (premiere)

                         Pickman Hall at Longy School of Music of Bard College

                         Boston, MA


02.26.2016     Wann?

                         Maria Johnson, bass flute

                         New York, NY


01.31.2016      Mool

                         Max Lifchitz, piano


                         New York, NY


01.30.2016     Pyung-Hwa

                         The Boston Conservatory Wind Ensemble (premiere)

                         Boston, MA


01.24.2016      Gil

                         Antico Moderno 

                         Hancock, NH


01.22.2016      Gil

                         Antico Moderno (premiere)

                         Boston, MA



11.15.2015       Jae-hwal-yong [flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, 

                         double bass]

                         ensemble mise-en 

                         The Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA

09.26-10.02.2015  a quiet way [voice, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, 


                         ensemble MD 7, Steven Loy- conductor

                         World Music Days

                         The Marjan Kozina Hall, Ljublijana, Slovenia

09.11.2015      Jae-hwal-yong [flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, 

                         double bass]

                         ensemble mise-en 

                         ACOUSTIC+ #5 Korean Composers Night 

                         mise-en place, Brooklyn, NY 


08.25- 09.06.2015  VCCA (Virginia Center for the Creative Arts) Residency

                         The Robert Johnson Fellow

                         Amherst, VA

08.24.2015     Hana IV [solo doublebass]

                         Evan Runyon, ensemble mise-en

                         Cell, New York, NY


08.23.2015     Hana IV [solo doublebass]

                         Evan Runyon, ensemble mise-en (premiere)

                         I-Park, East Haddam, CT 


08.16- 08.23.2015 Jae-hwal-yong [flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, double bass]

                         ensemble mise-en (premiere)

                         I-Park & ensemble mise-en 2015, Composers+ Musicians Collaborative


                         East Haddam, CT 


07.09. 2015     Wann? [solo bass flute]

                         Shanna Gutierrez (premiere)

                         Omaha Under the Radar Festival

                         Omaha, NE


06.07. 2015     Three Studies [Baroque Instruments-three violins, viola, cello,

                         double bass, harpsichord/portative organ]

                         Antico Moderno (premiere)

                         First Lutheran Church

                         Boston, MA

02.21. 2015     a quiet way [voice, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello]

                         The newEar ensemble

                         Kansas City, MO


01.18. 2015     Ari Ari, Ara Ri Yo [violin, piano], Rang Rang [piano]

                         Abigail Park, Isabella Brown, violin; Shirley Trissell, Allison Lie, piano

                         The Sejong Cultural Society

                         Winners’ Concert and Award Ceremony

                         Chicago Cultural Center, Claudi Cassidy Center

                         Chicago, IL


01.08. 2015     Wandering [alto flute solo]

                         Barry Crawford, alto flute

                         I/O New Music Fest ’15

                         Williamstown, MA




09.2014            Willapa Bay AiR Residency

                          Oysterville, WA


08.22.2014      Chocolat [soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, flute, clarinet, violin, cello

                         and percussion]

                         2014 Black House New Opera Project (premiere)

                         Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art 

                         Kansas City, MO


06.23~07.13.2014   ACA (Atlantic Center for the Arts)        

                         Associate Artist Composer, with Christopher Theofanidis

                         New Smyrna Beach, FL


05.23.2014      Wandering [alto flute solo]

                         Ensemble Pi, Barry Crawford, alto flute

                         APNM (Association for the Promotion of New Music)’s 2013-14 Season

                         Tenri Cultural Institute, 8pm

                         New York, NY


05.20.2014     Mool [piano solo]

                         Hubert Ho

                         Lilipad Cambridge, 2:30pm

                         Boston, MA


02.14.2014      EunHaeng [B-flat clarinet solo] 

                         Javier Perez Garrido, clarinet, Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame

                         Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Cartagena

                         Murcia, Spain


01.17~ 03.15.2014  Kirkland Arts Center Show

                         Bald Eagle Mountain (Playing the recording of the piece)

                         Ho-Soo-Ga (Installation-Photography of Lake Michigan)

                         Opening, January 17, 6- 8:30pm

                         Seattle, WA




11. 2013           Wandering [alto flute solo]

                         Barry Crawford, alto flute

                         one of winning composers of the APNM 2013-2014 Composition



11.2013            a quiet way

                         the winner of the 2013 League of Composers Competition ISCM

10.14.2013      GoSung [flute, B-flat clarinet and double bass] 

                         Collaborative Miniature Project, (premiere)

                         The 48th Dimitria Festival, Vila Kapantzi (Vasilissis Olgas 108,

                         Thessaloniki), Greece


08.2013           a quiet way

                          The award winner in the professional category of the 4th Annual

                         Composer Competition,    

                         newEar contemporary chamber music ensemble


08.2013          I-Park Artist-in-Residence

                         Plantsville, CT 


07.21-08.04.2013  Bald Eagle Mountain [voice and chamber ensemble- flute, clarinet,

                         percussion, violin, & cello]

                         James Baker, conductor; Tony Arnold, soprano; Barry Crawford, flute,

                         Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Matthew Gold & Pablo Rieppi, percussion;

                         Miranda Cuckson, violin; Joshua Gordon, cello

                         Composers Conference at Wellesley, MA (premiere)


06.29.2013      Tae-Pyung-Ga II [violin and piano]

                         Ta-Ryung I [violin solo]

                         Blagomira Lipari, violin; Sabine Krantz, piano

                         The Society for New Music

                         Fayetteville, NY  


06.06. 2013    Swish [orchestra]

                         Ensemble XXXV International Forum of New Music, “Manuel Enriquez”

                         Puebla Symphony Orchestra, (premiere)

                         Mexico City, Mexico


05.19.2013      Hear My Prayer [SATB] 

                         Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago


04.2013           Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Artist-in-Residence

                         Saratoga, WY


03.2013           Commission from Sejong Cultural Society, Chicago, IL, 

                         Rang Rang, Ara Ri Yo, Ari Ari


02.04.2013     Isa [flute, cello and piano] 

                         Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (premiere) 

                         San Francisco, CA  


01.31.2013      Isa [flute, cello and piano] 

                         Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (premiere) 

                         Mill Valley, CA  


01.06.2013      Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Amber Scherer, piano

                         The Sejong Cultural Society

                         Winners’ Concert and Award Ceremony

                         Chicago Cultural Center, Claudi Cassidy Center

                         Chicago, IL


01.02.2013      Competition Judge, Piano Composition Competition, Golden Key Music


                         Colts Neck, NJ




12.17.2012       Competition Judge, Composition Competition at Wheaton College

                         Wheaton, IL


12.02.2012      Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Sae-Ta-Ryung [violin solo]

                         The 2012 Music Competition, The Sejong Cultural Society

                         Chicago, IL


09.21.2012     I (ai) 2 [flute, violin, harp & piano]   

                         Live Workshop with Hanspeter Kyburz and ECCE

                         Goethe-Institut Boston, MA


06.28-07.15.2012  Atlantic Center for the Arts, Associate Artist, with Melinda Wagner,                               New Smyrna Beach, Fla.  


06.27.2012     Bagatelle [flute, 2 clarinets, violin/viola, cello]

                         St. Magnus Festival (premiere)

                         Gemini Ensemble

                         Orkney, UK


06.27.2012      Ching-Ching [soprano, alto, tenor, & bass]

                         St. Magnus Festival                                

                         Cardinall’s Musick- staged reading

                         Orkney, UK   


06.09.2012     Mool [piano solo]

                         Steve Beck

                         June in Buffalo (premiere)  

                         Buffalo, NY


04.15. 2012     a quiet way [voice, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello] 

                         Internet Broadcast, Krza Radio www.krza.org


04.2012           Isa, Commission from Left Coast Chamber Ensemble, San Francisco


03.18.2012      wu-ri-no-rae (our song) [String Orchestra]                                                       

                         American Music Festival (premiere)

                         Conductor, Phil Simmons

                         Chicago, IL   


02.25.2012      Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Trent Takaki

                         The Sejong Cultural Society

                         Oak Brook Terrace, IL   


01.08.2012      Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Trent Takaki

                         The 8th Sejong Music Competition Winner’s Concert

                         Evanston, IL




2011                Norton Stevens Fellow for 2011-2012, MacDowell Colony


07.2011           wu-ri-no-rae (our song) Commission from Sejong Cultural Society and

                         Lincoln Chamber Orchestra

                         Chicago, IL


12.10.2011      Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Sae-Ta-Ryung [violin solo]

                         The 2011 Music Competition, The Sejong Cultural Society

                         Chicago, IL


12.04.2011      Tae-Pyung-Ga II [violin and piano]

                         CCF/ACM Concert

                         Chicago, IL


11.03.2011      Ta-Ryung I [violin solo]

                         Daniel Mihai

                         Universitatea Nationala de Muzica din Bucuresti

                         Bucharest, Romania


11.01.2011      Ta-Ryung I [violin solo]

                         Daniel Mihai

                         Colegiul National de Arte “Regina Maria”

                         Constanta, Romania  


09.14-19.2011 I (ai) [percussion solo, flute, viola & harp]                                                                                    IAWM (International Alliance for Woman in Music) Congress 2011        

                         Flagstaff, AZ                                                


06.23.2011      Ta-Ryung I [violin solo]

                         Hannah Jin 

                         Bryn Athyn, PA


06.23.2011      Tae-Pyung-Ga II [violin and piano]

                         Hannah Jin, Monica Chung

                         Bryn Athyn, PA                                                                    


05.15.2011      Ta-Ryung I [violin solo]

                         Conway Kuo

                         New York, NY


03.25.2011      I (ai) [Percussion solo, flute, viola & harp]

                         MGMC 2011

                         Madison, WI


03.07-04.07.2011    Yaddo Residency, Saratoga, NY   


03.03.2011      Chiaroscuro [Soprano, violin, and percussion] 

                         Brave New Works, Tutti New Music Festival

                         Granville, OH


01.14.2011       Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Christopher Park

                         West Lafayette, IN


01.09.2011      Sae-Ta-Ryung [violin solo]      

                         Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo] 

                         Sejong Cultural Society, Winner’s concert

                         Chicago, IL




2010                International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition 2010-Honorary 



2010                Chiaroscuro, SCI/ASCAP student composition commission, Regional 



12.11.2010       Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                          Sae-Ta-Ryung [violin solo]

                          The 2010 Music Competition, The Sejong Cultural Society

                         Chicago, IL


12.05.2010     Tae-Pyung-Ga [piano solo]

                         Christopher Park

                         West Lafayette, IN


11.13.2010       Wandering [alto flute solo]

                         SCI National Conference, Sarah Robinson

                         Columbia, SC


10.29.2010      Nok-du-kkot (Mung-bean flower) [solo viola and chamber ensemble]

                         Empyrean Ensemble, Madness and Music Festival

                         Viola: Ellen Ruth Rose, Conductor: Matilda Hofman

                         Davis, CA


09.14-10.09.2010  Djerassi Resident Artists Program, Woodside, CA


06.01.2010      I (ai) [Percussion solo, flute, viola & harp]

                         Yu-Chun Kuo and Les Joyeux

                         Cincinnati, OH


05.03-05.30.2010  MacDowell Colony Residency, New Hampshire, NH


04.11.2010      Hoe-sang (Reminiscence) [Percussion Trio]


                         New York, NY


04.2010           Tae-Pyung-GaSae-Ta-Ryung

                         Commission from Sejong Cultural Society 

                         Chicago, IL


02.06-02.20.2010  Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency, Amherst, VA


01.27.2010      Yeol-doo-dal [chamber ensemble]

                         ALEA III, Conductor: Iakovos Konitopoulos

                         Boston, MA




2009                Art Council Award, University of Chicago


2009                Wandering, SCI/ASCAP student composition commission, Regional



2009                Yeol-doo-dal, Commission from ALEA III, Boston, MA, 


06.29.2009     Chiaroscuro [voice, violin, and percussion]

                         Music 09, Amanda Deboer, Matt Albert, and Yu-Chun Kuo

                         Blonay, Switzerland


04.25.2009     Wandering [alto flute solo]

                         Lisa Bost

                        Iowa city, IA


04.09.2009    Somewhere [trumpet, percussion, and cello]

                         NEXTET ensemble, Chris Gross from Talea Ensemble

                         N.E.O.N. Festival

                         Las Vegas, NV

04.03.2009     Wandering [alto flute solo]

                         MGMC 2009, Sandra Wu

                         Evanston, IL