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A series of solo works and electronics. This project is both for western instruments and Korean traditional instruments (Gayakum, Dae-gum, Piri etc.). Each instrument will have two versions- solely solo piece as well as the instrument plus electronics. 

Baby Guido.jpg

Look! Sound

Look! Sound is a video game I am developing for use in children's music education. This project involves creating a computer program that uses computer-generated sounds together with various visual images. This can also be developed as an application in diverse formats including iphone, ipad and/or book for music learners.

Illustration by Mina Yu

Look! Sound

This project is an e-book version of Look! Sound collaborating with visual artist Corwin Levi.

Look! Sound1.jpg
Look! Sound2.jpg

Illustrations by Corwin Levi

Images above copyright Corwin Levi

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